Women Have Had Enough

Women Have Had Enough is an online retail destination serving women worldwide. We strive to bring women the swag, baubles, and gear to wear and use while fighting the patriarchy. This is a site by women for women and all about women!


Get to know Women Have Had Enough

Hi, my name is Lauri, and I am the creator of the site Women Have Had Enough. 
I had an awakening four years ago that we women need to raise our voices louder and come together more cohesively. We must not just fight the patriarchy. We must tear it down and burn the remnants. 
How do we do that? As silly as it sounds, it starts with a t-shirt or a candle. Supporting women-owned businesses. Learning our history and honoring those who came before us. 
We aim to curate those items here. Some will be funny and light-hearted, and some will be serious. Some will be life- and world-changing.
We have a place to share your protests and peace walks. Tell us about what you are doing and ask questions and get answers from your fellow women. We are a safe Queer space where all women are welcome.

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